"It was so wonderful to get such first class treatment so close to home!” - NNROC patient, December 2017
“I always felt welcome and like I was part of the team. I was made to feel my treatments and needs were of the utmost importance.” - NNROC patient, December, 2017
“Close to my home so I didn’t have to spend weeks at a time away from my family and job.” - NNROC patient, November, 2017
“This is a very caring group of professionals who work for a well needed facility for our area of northern Nevada.” - NNROC patient, November 2017
“You all go above and beyond to make a patient’s radiation experience bearable.” - NNROC patient, November, 2017
“Staff is welcoming and friendly and very professional.” - NNROC patient, October 2017
“Made me feel like family.” NNROC patient, July 2017
“If they did any better – I might move in!” - NNROC patient, March 2017
“I was happy with care that was given and extra attention that had nothing to do with cancer. Special people.” - NNROC patient, - February 2017
“Medical technology and equipment excellent. Staff was professional and friendly.” - NNROC patient, February 2017
“I was happy with all of the treatments and the physicians that took good care of me.” - NNROC patient, December 2016
“If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to return to this radiation oncology center! We are blessed to have them in our community!”- NNROC patient, December 2016
“I’m so grateful for all of you.” - NNROC patient, November 2016
“Very caring – wonderful staff! Would be a wonderful place to visit if you didn’t have to get sick first!” - NNROC patient, September 2016
“My care was awesome. I couldn’t have been in better hands.” - NNROC patient, August 2016
“It is wonderful to get help close to home surrounded by the support of our family. God bless you.” - NNROC patient, June 2016
“On a scale of 0-10 you’re a ‘10’ in my book!” - NNROC patient, June 2016
“It’s like going home.” - NNROC patient, May 2016
“The whole staff always showed complete care, concern and compassion! You have a great group of employees and I would highly recommend your facility to anyone!”- NNROC patient, February 2016
“Awesome people. Awesome place!” - NNROC patient, January 2016
“Very pleased with staff, facility and care. Realizing the severity of side effects, they tried their hardest to keep our spirits up!” - NNROC patient, December 2015
“Every aspect was perfect from my perspective.” - NNROC patient, December 2015
“Wonderful staff made this part of my health plan very good.” - NNROC patient, December 2015
“Beautiful office – glad you’re in Elko.” - NNROC patient, November 2015
“All made my mother – 94 years old – feel at ease. Very kind and welcome to her.” - NNROC patient, November 2015
“Kind, patient, well informed staff. All were very nice.” - NNROC patient, November 2015
“They seem to genuinely care how people are doing.” - NNROC patient, October 2015
“Everything was explained well, and they were very friendly and put me at ease.” - NNROC patient, October 2015
“This was the worst experience of my life but I was guided through it with loving care from all the staff.” - NNROC patient, September 2015
“The staff is perfect. You could not have picked them any better – very caring group of medical people.” - NNROC patient, September 2015
“The staff is wonderful. They let me know what to expect with treatment." - NNROC patient, September 2015
“Made me feel comfortable with treatment.” - NNROC patient, June 2017
“Prompt appointments, never waited over two minutes.” - NNROC patient, April 2017

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